What the heck is OEM? How do you spot an imposter?

Do you Squidoo? Is it new to you? Read, write, create, learn, share, explore- all for a good cause. It’s true, creating a lens is a labor of love, and gosh it’s fun.

Here’s a peek at one such labor- a look into the deep, dark secret life of cell phones- and more importantly- a primer for how to identify, understand and protect yourself from a MAJOR rip off operation that continues to prey on wireless consumers.

Stop! Don’t buy another battery for your wireless device until you read this!!!!

What the heck is OEM anyway? How do I spot an Imposter?

Will my brain pop like popcorn? Are they cloning my phone? Is my battery going to explode? Was my PDA “Frankenstein-ed”? Maybe. All these mysteries revealed (VIOLA!)

In this episode we will explore your battery, its manufacturer, and how to spot an impostor.

It’s true. They’re out there. Cloaked in slightly cheaper price tags, ambiguous models and *GASP* even typos! …”

Take me to this super awesome, informational lens please..

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Science fiction, eh? Nah. It’s Plasma baby, and it’s now.

Maybe there’s something in the water up there? Maybe it’s the Ice Roads? Or the geese? Whatever the case may be, our Canadian neighbors are leading the way with innovative environmental pollution solutions!

Last month, eco-friends cheered for 11th grader Daniel Burd and his plastic chomping experiments that won him 1st place in the Canada-wide Science Fair – and rightly so. He figured out a way to significantly speed up the process of plastic decomposition >>

It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem | Adventures with Petunia GreenBeans.

Amazing? You bet. But now it’s time to enter the 4th state of matter. Ready? Oh geez, it is quite scary, but our inner geeks cannot resist the coolness factor.  Not to mention the enormous impact as an environmental solution. When eco-friends Greenwala and 5 Gyres opened our eyes to the magic of Plasma via Pyrogenesis, we were blinded by the light. Go on, have a look- no sunglasses required.

5 Gyres, an outstanding organization dedicated to education and action on plastic marine pollution explains:

“The best solution to removing plastic from the 5 gyres is to wait for it to wash ashore on islands. They are the natural nets, with no need for ships to go to sea, no carbon footprint, no harm to marine life. Just stand on the shore and let the plastic come to you.
What do you do with it? One way to look at it is as fuel? Yes, plastic is made from petroleum. Plasma incineration is a new technology from Pyrogenesis that burns at 5000 degrees Celsius. No dioxins and furans form if you quench the outgasses. And those gasses can be used to produce net positive energy.
While we implement source reduction strategies, it’s important to deal with the waste we’ve got. Plasma Waste to Energy is one such solution.”

Could this be the ultimate plastic pollution solution? Remember kids, Plasma can also be used as a very dangerous weapon. And popcorn popper. Anyone remember this?

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Wordless Wednesday: Squirrel Cage Match

Who YOU callin’ a Nut?

Squirrels in a vicious fight. By David Slater http://pixadus.com

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Happy 4th of the July! Happy Interdependence Day!

4th of July is here!!! A day when we look back into history, to a time when our people shared a collective consciousness of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…oh, who am I kidding? Woohoo!!! Summer is in full swing- Fire up the BBQ’s, break out the brews, balls and backstrokes!!

A quick glance at the photo yields a fair indication of how many of us folks handle the joys of summer. Backs turned, headphones on, cell phones glued, conversing in cliques, clicks, punts and base hits. Somewhere off in the distance, a base guitar thrums out a deep riff, joined by the infectious beat of the drums. The lead guitar pierces notes through the air…finally a voice calls out in musical prose: “Oh say can you see…” But do we? Some might put their hand over their hearts, maybe even sing along. Yet others will turn up their iPods, talk louder, and drown out the intrusion.

On the backs of our forefathers (and mothers) we live in liberation. Free to talk openly, to gather and share. Free to protest and postulate; to question and quibble. But life moves fast these days, there’s no time to indulge in these gifts we’ve inherited. There’s money to be made, rumors to spread and episodes to catch up on. There are e-mails and details that can’t be delayed. So we spin our wheels 1000mph to keep up on the tangible, to stay relevant in this world that values commerce over conversation and community. I’d love to be able to say “Not me!” but I’d be lying. It’s not “you” or “they”, it’s “we” and “us”. But isn’t this what we wanted? Isn’t this what our predecessors fought so hard to secure? Would they look upon us with pride after all they endured?

I’m sure there’s a lot of things they couldn’t see coming. But maybe we can, if we open our eyes just a little bit wider. If we prick up our ears just a little bit higher. If we shut down, turn off and tune in to the signal. That hum, that strum that each and every one of us sends out into the ether. The calling to one another, that falls deaf upon our ears, but weighs heavy on the trees, bees and atmosphere. So as we spark up the charcoal, turn up the radio, and slather on the sunblock- maybe just for a moment- can we shut it all down and tune into the Mother Earth Rock? She’s talking to us, she answering our cries, we’re talking to her though we don’t realize. After you’ve listened to her for a while, your heart will feel full, like a permanent smile. Then take a walk over to the edge of your fence, you will hear the birds sing…Happy Interdependence!!!

Oh no…not THEM too!!!


This article is cross-posted at Greenopolis.com Rethink. Recycle. Reward.

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If Moms Were in Charge: The Alternate Ending to the Gulf Oil Spill | greenopolis recycling rewards

WOOT! Hot off the presses @Greenopolis, I’m so excited to share my post that they selected to feature. Even MORE exciting is the flurry of debate that followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=5058570&id=25254856656

Too much sarcasm? Too skewed a spin? Take a quick peek, what shape am I in?

If Moms Were in Charge: The Alternate Ending to the Gulf Oil Spill | greenopolis recycling rewards.

“We moms have a knack for running the most-likely, least-likely and vastly implausible “what-if’s” in our minds nearly every second of the day. It’s on automatic – we can’t help it.”

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Wordless Wednesday | Sewer Diving

Photo credit: @tonyleather via EnvironmentalGraffiti.com

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Party like a Fruit Fly! | greenopolis recycling rewards

Desperate Housewives? Forget it. Fruit flies are scandalous!

Yes it’s true. Behind closed doors the fruit fly’s hormones rage. They do their darnedest to court their best dudes. They drink themselves to death. It’s madness!!!

I’d like to think the reasons are valid for these experiments, but sometimes you have to wonder about the professor running the show =D

Read the complete article here: Party like a Fruit Fly! | greenopolis recycling rewards.

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Be Eco-Friendly: Be a Cheap-o! (Inspired by Middleagedplague)

Do you blip? Have a listen whilst you read….


What? Penny pinching is en vogue?? Yep. It’s hip to be cheap.

Celebrities are doing it, so it must be cool..OH..but they don’t call it “frugal” they call it “green’ 😉

With all the green-washing going around, it’s refreshing to see this perspective from Steve Henderson and family.

So go on, hang your clothes on the line to dry, re-use those paper towels & foil, it only ups your cool factor.

While you’re at it, get those bottles and cans down to the recycling machines- and pinch some pocket money.

Not a fan of the beer-scented recycling centers in your area? Worried about competing with uber-hip homeless folks? Well they HAVE been recycling for generations, so you’ll never catch up to them on the trendy-o-meter. It’s okay, you can still be hi-tech: Head on over to a local Greenopolis Recycling Rewards Kiosk (located at many Whole Foods across the US) and you can shop for your favorite eco healthy items and redeem your recyclables for online, in-store or social media rewards!!

Here at GreenBeans Rewards we embrace the flock of frugal. With GreenBeans, it pays to recycle, shop & live eco-friendly- LITERALLY!!

Oh, and if you want to knock a few homeless folks off of their trendsetting pedestal, you can start by giving them a safe place to sleep >> http://www.covenanthouse.org/

Well look at that, it’s lunchtime…time to milk the goat! << Jealous? You can have one too, or at least fresh milk from one, see>> http://www.localharvest.org/

We're Not Environmentally Sensitive; We're Cheap The Norweigan Artist and I have never worried about steering our little raft through the middle of the stream, which is good, since according to our four progeny we are hopelessly on the edge. The other day, however, we discoverd that, without our changing any of our odd habits, we have become cool, contemporary, and whatever other words describe the opposite of what we actually are. We did this by not owning a clothes dryer. Our College Girl b … Read More

via Middleagedplague’s Blog

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It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem



Plastic bags clog our oceans, litter our streets, clutter our dumps and endanger wildlife. Not to mention they take up to 1,000 years to break down.

But that’s all about to change, thanks to the innovative thinking of 11th grader, Daniel Burd

Read the full article here:

It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem.

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Writer’s Block

Do you blip? Have a listen whilst you read.


Four months of training.

Diversionary screams came easily with the pain.

Straightjacket disposed, she seized Doctor Verfasser’s pen, chimerical works pouring out of her in a frenzy of ink. “Fascinating” he remarked.

His eyes told her not to look, but too late. Horror. Disbelief. A void of white curled devilishly around a single word: “the”.


Are you a masochist? Here’s the addiction for you :  55 Word Fiction | Extreme Writing Now

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