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How do I blog? Am I already doing it?

Writer’s Block

Do you blip? Have a listen whilst you read. ———————————————————————— Four months of training. Diversionary screams came easily with the pain. Straightjacket disposed, she seized Doctor Verfasser’s pen, chimerical works pouring out of her in a frenzy of ink. “Fascinating” … Continue reading

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Holy smokes, I have a lot of giraffes. Help!

I have a lot of giraffes. So far I’ve counted over 21 and some of them are over 3 years old, so you can imagine how hard it is to keep track of them. It’s hard to admit, but they’re worse for the wear. I’ve visited a lot of them recently, but I haven’t really spent any time improving them. Continue reading

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Driving lessons from a Pirate

Enter: the pirate, with his seemingly innocuous words “Why do people use blogs?”

Me: “Um, to post pictures of their adorable pets and babies? Sometimes. To rant about their daily doldrums? Perhaps. Um, to make money? (note: this is an abstract concept to me, to which I actually make no clear correlation, but suspect it has something to do with Adwords, OR naked pictures) Continue reading

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Hello world! Woohoo! Yay! Ahhhh! Yikes!- Look Mom, I’m blogging!!!

I’ll have you know that for quite some time now I’ve been a homeless, social misfit. Continue reading

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