About Me

Come on, jam with me whilst you’re readin’ :  Mishka – Above the bones: Guy With A Guitar

Me? I am a Mommy to 3, and a wife to the one ❤ I love to play guitar (badly, but I’m learning!) and sing and dance and ski and read and write run-on sentences.

I’m serious as a heart-attack when it comes to the future of our world- but I also believe that laughter is the gateway to enlightenment (thought that was better than: “when people come to laugh they let down their guard and can accidentally learn something important and maybe even change their world.” ) Hmm. Kinda like that too. Maybe a wee bit wordy? You pick 😉

I am new to blogging, so please be kind- but feel free to share your advice!! I figured it was about time to put all my writing in one place.

I am the CEO of my DREAM, GreenBeans Rewards: GoGreenBeans.com
What if we can really change the world? A little bit at a time? Corny? Maybe. But absolutely serious.

So I set to the task of making this vision a reality.

It has been quite an adventure growing GreenBeans so far, and by all rights, the journey has just begun! But with each step I learn and grow together with a team: thanks to talented mentors, entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers, activists, technicians, innovators, and now…bloggers.  Could there be a better education?

My goal is to ignite recycling and eco-friendly initiatives, empower small business and support fundraising efforts by charities and organizations that are changing our world for the better.

I am inspired by folks who take action for what they believe in, and I love helping others grow. I also admire writers who have found their voice, and aren’t afraid to use it!

So thanks for sharing my journey. Now go on, poke around a bit..and tell me what you think 🙂

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Karen says:

    Hey there.
    As mailed to you on twitter.. I’m a fan. I just need to get out more and laugh like I used to maybe ???? 🙂

    Keep on strutting your stuff… beans means greens!

  2. Drifter0658 says:

    Hey you!

    Drop me a line about going all nichey here…I have a possible offer you might like.

  3. Sister Sacks says:

    It’s about time!! Can’t wait to read about your misadventures. Look out everyone, here comes Mama GreenBean!!

  4. sandy says:

    Very cool site Rachel. I like your writing style…its very relatable.
    I will be checking in time to time to learn…and to laugh

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