I can’t stand it!! It’s CUTE Overload!!

Commence with the cuteness..how can you resist this face???

Did you just say “awww..” Come on, you can’t hep it right?

Wook at the witto smushy face!!! We knew it. You can’t resist the cute.


Neither could we. And when these little fellers showed up on the doorstep with their sad puppy dog eyes, how could we say “No”?

Whoops..not those guys…THESE Guys….

Oh my gosh, oh…my..gosh…is this the cutest little bean you’ve ever seen??


Click me to adopt one

But these cute little fellers need a good home, and they’re a stellar breed, built to protect the safety of your witto beans:

Kid friendly! From little ones, all the way to pre-teens- even teens! Emergency contact with your children when you, or more importantly – they need it. You can program 4 speed dials plus an emergency key. Even if you’re a no-phone zone, this is perfect for emergency contact without all the distractions. Back to school? No worries!!

Loyal! Always standing by with the help of the most reliable nationwide network: Verizon

Excellent Tracker! With the push of a button you can link your own Verizon phone to track the location of your little greenbeans everywhere they go!

This phone is also a blessing for our esteemed elders of the family with simple functions and large buttons.

PLUS, it’s hearing-aid compatible

At $29.00 retail price, PLUS 250 GreenBeans back – complete with battery and charger- It’s good for your wallet too!
So won’t you take one home today..?


Aw geez.......

Want a whole bunch of them? We trust you to find the perfect homes forthese precious ones.

Go on, take 10 or more..click on the pic to see your wholesale pricing.


Click me to adopt 10 or more!

Want even more?
Click here to send us a note and we’ll work with your budget!

The VX1000 is perfect for your kid’s first phone. From little ones, all the way to pre-teens- even teens! Emergency contact with your children when you, or more importantly – they need it. You can program 4 speed dials plus feel good about having an emergency key.

AND- with the push of a button, your mobile will know where your kids go. Ready to activate on Verizon Wireless.
Get 2000 GreenBeans!

Comes complete with battery and charger!

Migo Specs

Technology: CDMA
1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA (Digital Dual-Band)

Data Transmission: 1xRTT

Dimensions: 3.23″ (H) x 1.81″ (W) x 0.87″ (D)

Weight: 2.46 oz.

Display: Monochrome STN, 96 x 32 Pixels, 2 Lines

Standard Battery: 1,000 mAh Li-Ion

Usage Time: Up to 3 Hours*
Standby Time: Up to 9 Days and 10 Hours*

HAC Rating:
Hearing Aid Compatible (M3-Rating)

Who me?


Still our Favorite Cutie Patoootie!!! GoGreenBeans.com

About Petunia GreenBeans

Hello! I'm the Founder and Chief seed planter of my GreenBeans Dream. Have any questions, fire away! More you say? Okay...you asked for it: Earth lovin', E-cyclin', Guitar strummin', Kid snugglin' closet fiction writer/addict steeped in the Wireless Industry since beepers were the rage. Stuck on changing the world a little bit at a time. Not foolin'. Proud member of Run-On Sentencers Anonymous ;) How about you?
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