When I think about you..I touch my….

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Its true. We can’t help ourselves. Ever since these came through the door…

htc xv6900 for verizon

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Dual Band for Verzion
Brand new, OEM Complete…
Manufacturer’s Warranty…
Activiation Ready…yessss….

HTC XV6900, battery, battery cover, charger, data cable, audio jack/charger splitter, carrying pouch, software CD, user manual

400pcs available for your buying pleasure…
Super Sexy Quantity Discounts
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Just interested in a little one on one? Go ahead…we won’t judge…

htc touch xv6900 for verizon no activation

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HTC Touch XV6900 Dual Band for Verizon

No Activation Required…just turn it on and get started…


Get 200 GreenBeans

HTC XV6900 Dual-Band Verizon Phone:
Let your fingers guide you with the XV6900 from Verizon, a mobile touch phone that’s ahead of its time. Featuring the easy-to-use touch screen and smart 3-D interface, the XV6900 makes for effortless navigation. With XV6900’s pure white shell, compact design and customizable home screen, you have a wealth of features to suit your style. Optimized for entertainment, the XV6900 lets you enjoy games, music, video and more. Don’t wait for the future, reach out and touch it!

This brand new XV6900 is ready to use on the Verizon network. Buy it Now and have it shipped for free!

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • TouchFLO Navigation
  • Internet Explorer browser
  • Windows Media Player Mobile
  • Send text, picture, and video messages
  • Large 2.8” touch screen interface
  • 2MP camera
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with A2DP
  • MicroSD card slot for expandable memory
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calls



HTC XV6900 handset, battery, battery cover, charger, data cable, audio jack/charger splitter, carrying pouch, software CD, user manual

It is simple as 1-2-3 to get GreenBeans! Recycle your old phone with us and get even MORE GreenBeans!

1. Purchase item (winning bid or add to cart)

2. Sign-up/sign-in at checkout

3. Pay for item

Presto! You’ve got GreenBeans coming your way!

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What? The ladies need a little eye-candy too!

About Petunia GreenBeans

Hello! I'm the Founder and Chief seed planter of my GreenBeans Dream. Have any questions, fire away! More you say? Okay...you asked for it: Earth lovin', E-cyclin', Guitar strummin', Kid snugglin' closet fiction writer/addict steeped in the Wireless Industry since beepers were the rage. Stuck on changing the world a little bit at a time. Not foolin'. Proud member of Run-On Sentencers Anonymous ;) How about you?
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