The Sea Shepherd: Heroes of “Whale Wars” focus on Gulf Oil Disaster Rescue Efforts

Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepherd

You may know the captain and crew of the Sea Shepherd from Animal Planet’s breakthrough documentary “Whale Wars”. Battling wits in the water to end Japanese whaling, their heroic efforts yielding magnificent results.

But did you know that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supports multiple campaigns across the world, and even in the U.S.? Yes, fearless captain (and early co-founder of Greenpeace) Paul Watson set his course for Deepwater Horizon- Ground Zero. Members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society aligned their focus on exposing the seriousness of this disaster- and most importantly- bolstering the critical wildlife rescue operations in the Gulf.

Working with Dr. Bonny Schumaker on Operation Gulf Rescue, the “Sea Shepherd is assembling a very special team including personnel trained in wildlife hazmat operations, wildlife veterinarians, marine wildlife rescuers, ocean divers, boat handlers, commercial pilots, and scientists in anticipation of our campaign Operation Gulf Rescue. Our intent is to go to the Gulf as soon as possible with a vessel and trained crew, to augment and support ongoing efforts to find, transport, and treat animals viable for rescue, and to help mitigate harmful effects of the oil on the ocean ecosystem.  Sea Shepherd is in the process of coordinating with authorized agencies in the Gulf to gain the necessary permits to mount this operation.” ~Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Dr. Bonny Schumaker, Operation Gulf Rescue

How can we help? Start here. Learn about Operation Gulf Rescue, and make a donation, volunteer- or just spread the word!! Share this post, share the Operation Gulf Rescue page- let folks know how they can help!!

See more images of wildlife affected by the gulf oil spill at


This article is the second in this week’s series dedicated to highlighting the plight of wildlife affected by the Gulf Oil Spill and supporting relief and rescue operations.

You can read the first part of this series here:

And the Eco Hero Award goes to…an Exterminator?

It’s true. He may look like a bad-ass rock star/tough-as-nails biker dude- but this entomologist is really a big softy- especially when it comes to animals.


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3 Responses to The Sea Shepherd: Heroes of “Whale Wars” focus on Gulf Oil Disaster Rescue Efforts

  1. Mark says:

    Heroes of “Whale Wars”??? ARE YOU KIDDING??? Not only are they NOT heros, they are criminals. Good to see the Japanese aren’t taking any CRAP from the inept, untrained, violent, misguided, completely armature “Sea Sheapards”. What training have any of the so-called captains (lower case intentional) received to qualify to Captain a ship? NONE !! The fact is, (as Paul whale blubber belly Watson, likes to begin a statement), the Sea Shepard’s are the instigators, have intentionally rammed Japanese ships and could care less about their crew or the Japanese crew. What would their defense be if one of the bottles of the acid they throw at the Japanese ships strikes a crewman in the head and kills him? What a shame the “Bobby Barker” didn’t sink like the Ady Gil when they ran into the Japanese vessel!

    • The irony is, I originally titled this article “The Sea Shepherd: Vigilantes of ‘Whale Wars’ focus on Gulf Oil Disaster Rescue Efforts” but thought that to be too severe a generalization. Though I too, do not personally agree with all of the tactics used, I do support the impetus that drives them. If nothing else, they have turned the spotlight on, and given a stronger voice to the whales, where there was otherwise none. They have forced people to look at, talk about, and argue over a tragic circumstance. And in that respect, they are heroes indeed.

      As with all endeavors taken on by men (women, humanity as a whole) there are always times in the trenches, in the heat of passion and determination, that the devil might sneak into the details. That is why people like you, and people like me are are critical to the conversation. If we just accept something as bad, or good, as a whole, we leave a gaping hole in the altruism of the action to be perverted by the will to win- sometimes, at any cost.

      Thanks for your voice, I look forward to your reply!

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