And the Eco Hero Award goes to…an Exterminator?

No just any exterminator. Vexcon’s Billy the Exterminator, of course.

It’s true. He may look like a bad-ass rock star/tough-as-nails biker dude- but this entomologist is really a big softy- especially when it comes to animals.

Though Billy and his brother Ricky have been known stop Mahogany Wasps and Roaches dead in their tracks, they always use environmentally friendly ammo. Not to mention Billy’s brilliant creature-friendly approach to bat infestations.

Whether they’re taking on the delicate, painstaking task of transporting ENTIRE beehives from your home to the safety of the farm- OR- handling the the care, capture and release of a stinky skunk- both Billy and his brother Ricky go out of their way to ensure earth’s creatures have safe passage to a better life in the wild.

Recently, Billy the Exterminator and his brother Ricky took a trip down to the gulf- to the heart of the impact zone. Though they were victorious in the safe capture and release of a pair of red foxes (no small feat!!), the brothers couldn’t hide their emotions when confronted with the devastation  caused by the BP Oil Gusher. Billy sent the whole production to a screeching halt to rescue an oil- slicked raccoon, despite regulations against such action.

After the organization that a promised to meet him at the dock  was a no-show, Billy burned up the phone lines until he found the IBRRC (International Bird Rescue Research Center). Yes, bird rescue. But they stepped up to clean and care for Mr. Raccoon.

Courtesy of A&E TV

See the full episode here: Billy the Exterminator – A&E TV – Billy Goes to the Gulf

This one event truly highlights the critical situation in the gulf. Wildlife is suffering- slowly being poisoned to death. But we, as individuals are prohibited from rescuing them- and for the most part- rightly so- We ARE talking about WILD animals here.

So what can we do? We can support wildlife rescue organizations like the IBRRC with our voices and our pocketbooks. Even better? We can volunteer to head over to the gulf and lend a hand! We’ll be highlighting these organizations all this week here at GreenBeans, and we hope that you’ll take a sec to check them out- and help them out too.

So Billy the Exterminator, we salute you! Champion of Mother Nature and her creatures- you are a true hero: a leather-clad, spike-studded, Eco Warrior to the max!!


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