Weekly Roundup: Old School, Berries, Robots, and Ransom notes. Oh My!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” ~ Doc

This week was a trip from the back-in-the-day all the way to the future. But what do you expect when you combine The Beastie Boys with berry-picking and Blackberry’s with tattoos? Steam that up at 105 degrees, and this is the insanity you get:

Here’s the wild weekly wrap-up, in case you missed it.

Way back in the day, before e-mail was the mode of communication- we used to send out faxes with our wholesale wireless deals. Not just any faxes mind you- but crazy, silly, WTF kind of faxes that made folks look, laugh, and say “Wha….”.  So when Giant Bag Phones came through the warehouse door- we thought it might be time to bring back the crazy- from the old school to the new school:

Bag Phones are Back Baby. Say Wha?Bag Phones are Back Baby. Say Wha?

Think you know what it's worth? Think again.

Put in your teeth and comb your hair-
You’ve only got 3 hours. Get it while it’s hot!

Prices valid from 12pm-3pm ET July 30, 2010 ONLY. So hurry it up will ya? The clock is ticking. And some of us have a parade to go to. See You there?


It all started with the Beastie Boys, and a Motorola M800 Bag phone.  Then the “back-in-the-day” pics popped up. The Guaranteed Embarrassment kind.

Yes. That's me all the way on the right. Say what you will, banana clips are hot!!

But Guy Kawasaki sealed the deal when he took us on a trip in the Alltop Time Machine to HowStuffWorks.com -1980’s style. Welcome to time warp week at GreenBeans. F’real.

12 New Technologies in the 1980s


These days, we don’t mess around when it comes to communication.

Use LESS juice! Cell phones & iPhones use less juice than computers, can surf with the best of them, and now you can connect in even cooler ways. Mashable will show you how> Now You Can Bump iPhones to Connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 for the iPhone.


Help! Help! I’ve been nabbed by Live Green Mom! Here’s what REALLY happened in the interrogation room at @LongpointEscape


Phew. Made it out alive. Just in time to….

Fast forward to the future of recycling with the @Greenopolis Recycling Rewards Robot!

Poor Rosie. Go on, give her a little lovin’. Even Robots Need Love too!

In our next Adventures with Petunia GreenBeans: we’ll uncover the hidden truth about Rudy, Rosie’s long lost brother…if we can dig him out from behind the pile of recyclables…


Flux capacitor- disengaged. Phew. How fun was that?

Let’s take a sec and explore some serious stuff from this week in review. Funny? Not at all. Important? Extremely.

The National Safety Council Estimates that
At Least 1.6 Million Crashes are Caused Each Year by Drivers Using Cell
Phones and Texting. Until that number is 0, we will CONTINUE to post this chilling video. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT & DRIVE.


Thanks to @OfficialLove146 for the Good news from the bad world of human trafficking. “Connecticut joins New York, Washington, and Illinois as the only states so far to change their laws to protect exploited children from prosecution.”

End child sex slavery and exploitation. Nothing less.


So thanks for sharing this week’s adventures! Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you say WTF? Still not impressed?

Well, we are all recovering from heat stroke here at GreenBeans- after a steamy weekend at the East End GreenFest. Here’s a montage of us melting:

What are you plans for the weekend? Want to come to a parade? 😉


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Hello! I'm the Founder and Chief seed planter of my GreenBeans Dream. Have any questions, fire away! More you say? Okay...you asked for it: Earth lovin', E-cyclin', Guitar strummin', Kid snugglin' closet fiction writer/addict steeped in the Wireless Industry since beepers were the rage. Stuck on changing the world a little bit at a time. Not foolin'. Proud member of Run-On Sentencers Anonymous ;) How about you?
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