What the heck is OEM? How do you spot an imposter?

Do you Squidoo? Is it new to you? Read, write, create, learn, share, explore- all for a good cause. It’s true, creating a lens is a labor of love, and gosh it’s fun.

Here’s a peek at one such labor- a look into the deep, dark secret life of cell phones- and more importantly- a primer for how to identify, understand and protect yourself from a MAJOR rip off operation that continues to prey on wireless consumers.

Stop! Don’t buy another battery for your wireless device until you read this!!!!

What the heck is OEM anyway? How do I spot an Imposter?

Will my brain pop like popcorn? Are they cloning my phone? Is my battery going to explode? Was my PDA “Frankenstein-ed”? Maybe. All these mysteries revealed (VIOLA!)

In this episode we will explore your battery, its manufacturer, and how to spot an impostor.

It’s true. They’re out there. Cloaked in slightly cheaper price tags, ambiguous models and *GASP* even typos! …”

Take me to this super awesome, informational lens please..

About Petunia GreenBeans

Hello! I'm the Founder and Chief seed planter of my GreenBeans Dream. Have any questions, fire away! More you say? Okay...you asked for it: Earth lovin', E-cyclin', Guitar strummin', Kid snugglin' closet fiction writer/addict steeped in the Wireless Industry since beepers were the rage. Stuck on changing the world a little bit at a time. Not foolin'. Proud member of Run-On Sentencers Anonymous ;) How about you?
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