Party like a Fruit Fly! | greenopolis recycling rewards

Desperate Housewives? Forget it. Fruit flies are scandalous!

Yes it’s true. Behind closed doors the fruit fly’s hormones rage. They do their darnedest to court their best dudes. They drink themselves to death. It’s madness!!!

I’d like to think the reasons are valid for these experiments, but sometimes you have to wonder about the professor running the show =D

Read the complete article here: Party like a Fruit Fly! | greenopolis recycling rewards.


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Hello! I'm the Founder and Chief seed planter of my GreenBeans Dream. Have any questions, fire away! More you say? asked for it: Earth lovin', E-cyclin', Guitar strummin', Kid snugglin' closet fiction writer/addict steeped in the Wireless Industry since beepers were the rage. Stuck on changing the world a little bit at a time. Not foolin'. Proud member of Run-On Sentencers Anonymous ;) How about you?
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