The Buzz Behind Burt’s Bees

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Once upon a time there was a humble man named Burt Shavitz. A true man of the land, he lived in quiet obscurity. He spent his days selling pickle jars full of honey on the side of the road. At night he would nestle down in his modest Maine home, a converted Turkey Coop, with no need for running water or electricity.

Tried and true, Burt lived the idealistic lifestyle that so many eco-warriors of today strive for: never taking more than he could return to the land, always respecting the size of his footprint here on Mother Earth.  It would seem almost sad that our hero’s message might live and die with him, so perhaps the fates intervened. In one simple act of kindness, Burt would forever change his life, and the lives of millions of people. His face was about to be on everyone’s lips.

By most accounts she was a hitchhiker that he took in from the cold. From her own account she met him on the side of the road. Whichever the case, the day Roxanne Quimby entered Burt Shavitz’s orbit, she triggered a chain of events that would lead to love, discourse, and ultimately, the birth of Burt’s Bees.  In the end, she inherited a $300 million bounty, and Burt returned to his turkey coop, where he still lives today. The brainchild of this union, conceived with a focus on health, environmental and humanitarian ideals, fell into the hands of the notorious Clorox Corporation. It would seem our heroes’ purist philosophy would be devoured by the toxic cogs of capitalism.  But this is just the beginning of the story.

For $913 million, Clorox bought the keys to the all-natural kingdom. Now at the helm of the “Greater Good” business model that so embodied Burt and Roxanne’s values, would they devour it? Or worse, green wash it? Watchdogs chided, advocates chuffed and consumers read the labels ever more carefully. Here is where you’ll find me in this story, along with fellow lotion latherers, scrutinizing every ingredient and claim of our beloved Burt’s Bees products. The rumors were disturbing:

  • Importing beeswax from overseas? Exploiting cheap labor in Africa??!
  • Testing on animals? Synthetic chemicals? Mass distribution in Wal-Mart??!!
  • Heath+  Environmental +Humanitarian Values=  Big BLEACH???!!!  Eww.

What has happened to our beautiful, transparent, locavore lover’s lip balm?
What has become of the “Greater Good” business model?

Things were not adding up. It was time to do some serious digging. I’d discover the truth about our beloved Burt’s Bees, and swear off those cherished creams and balms forever!!! *Sob*

But what happened next, and what continues to happen today, is nothing short of a tale torn right from the pages of fable.  Could the idealist underdog battle the Goliath of industry and…win? Would the toxic giant pause in the moment before destruction to study its strange new victim? Could it learn from it…and even…change?

It is here that we find that answers are not always black and white, and that the spade you call is not always a spade. It is also here that I find myself with egg on my face, and a fine lesson on what happens when you ASS-U-ME.

It may look like ordinary corporate fluff, but this 2010 report card is chock full of transparency. They literally open their doors and let you in. From their ingredients  to their supply chain, from culture to community efforts; it all ties in to the Greater Good Model, the glue that holds it all together; and  it’s all in there, for all to see.
*See shocking footage of animal testing… (Well not exactly, but that’s just because we don’t have tails. Yes it’s true, they rub creams on themselves to test them. A lot. )

You’ll also learn that they require suppliers to test and certify their natural ingredients, and then just in case, they test them again. The average percentage of all-natural in ingredients in their products is 99.36% and over half of their products are 100% all natural. Compared to what’s on the broad market, those are some pretty nice numbers.

Recently, Burt’s Bees European Manager Andrew Dixon put himself on the line- quite literally. In October of 2010 he was the target of You Ask, They Answer at  Guardian UK . Dixon answered questions from people all over the world, about everything from matte lipstick styles  to Fair Trade. He reassured us about their policy against Synthetics. He explains why they import so much wild beeswax from South Africa, and the sustainability practices they are fostering.

Perhaps these questions provoked the answers we find in that 2010 report card.
And who’s that?  The man Burt Shavitz himself, checking in from his perfectly fine turkey coop, to spread awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder:

What about Clorox and all those chemicals? Well their broad market reach means more people will enjoy the all natural goodness of Burt’s Bees. And they are trying with their Green Works products and their animal testing policies.  Though, I am a little freaked out by the thought of a hand grown in a lab. But we’ll keep an eye on you Clorox, to see if the Greater Good bees really can spread their all natural pollen throughout your industrial hive.

As for now, our beloved Burt’s Bees would appear to be a hive in and of itself, humming along with the buzz birthed by Burt & Roxanne, whizzing ahead on their mission for the greater good.  Saying I was wrong never made my lips feel sooo good. 🙂

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How and Where to Donate Old Toys

The first year I broached the idea of giving some of their toys away, my kids looked at me like I had three heads. My first approach was nonchalance: “Well, you guys haven’t really played with these things for a while, they’re just sitting in the toy box/playroom/(fill in your abandoned toy area here.)” Well suddenly, those long forgotten toys became precious. They dug them out. As if capital counsel for a death-row inmate, they launched their defense and pleas for pardon. I was no match for them.

It was then I realized there were only two approaches:

1. Sneak the old toys out when they weren’t around

2. Appeal to their heart and conscience

The idea of “stealing” their old toys when they weren’t looking made me feel kinda Grinch-y, so I opted for #2. Here’s what worked for my guys:

“Somewhere out there is a friend just like you. He is 5 years old, just like you. He has brown hair and blue eyes just like you, and he loves superheroes too. But he doesn’t have his own room, he doesn’t even have a home. He doesn’t know if he’ll have breakfast today, or even if he will find someplace warm to sleep. He doesn’t have a Buzz or a Woody, not even a Spider-man. Somewhere your friend is very sad. Now imagine if you filled a box with some toys that you don’t play with so much anymore. Then the big truck will come and bring the box to the sad boy. Imagine how happy your friend will be when he opens that box to find….” If it works, you should now hear your child shout “Superman!! A robot! Race cars!”or something like that. If not, try again, and lay it on THICK.

Now that your kids are ready to part with their goods, you need a place to put them. Large garbage bags will suffice, but boxes work better. You can usually get some at your Supermarket or save the ones that come with the holiday shipments of NEW stuff. Here’s some tips to make it go smoothly:

1. Give each child their own box/bag lest one sees something that belongs to the other and decides they really have to have it.

2. Give them time to decide which toys they are ready to part with. It is common to find my hallway littered with toys in limbo- but set a deadline. Two days is plenty, any longer and they might start  having second thoughts.

3. Sort through the toys to make sure nothing is broken/dirty or precious (i.e. that handmade doll that grandma made is “boring” right now but will be cherished when they’re older) If there are stuffed animals, pop them in the wash to make sure they are dust/germ free.

4. Tape up the boxes / tie up the bags and LABEL them. Now get them out of sight- out of mind.

Phew. Mission accomplished. Now what the heck do you do with them? Believe it or not many charities today only accept new toys, such as The Salvation Army. But there are still great organizations that will accept used ones.

Here is the BEST resource I have found to find a local organization to pick up your used toys, as well as other items such as clothes, books and furniture: Here you can enter your zipcode, and they will provide a list of charities in your area that will pick up your stuff.

If you want to work directly with a charity or person in need, here’s some good places to try:

Your local Ronald McDonald House (not the restaurant!!) Find one here:

Local women’s shelters or homeless shelters. Many times the church or synagogue in your area will point you in the right direction, or you can search here:

Freecycle is a place where people give stuff away and ask for things they need. You might just make someone’s holiday that much brighter. Find a local group here:

If you want to make sure you can write off your donation, here is a list of approved organizations, as well as guidelines from the IRS:,,id=96136,00.html

If you are the one in need, as so many of us are this year, you can always try selling your wares on Ebay!

Now go on, empty those closets and toy bins, and fill your heart with the joy of giving.

Happy Holidays!


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A BIG *HIVE FIVE* and *THANK YOU* so very much for all of your love and support for GreenBeans! Without you, well, it would just be GreenBean 😉

And really, how could ONe little bean save all these children?

Last week we started a campaign on Ebay, selling the cute little LG Migo for Verizon at a ridiculously low price in hopes of raising money and awareness; benefiting LOVE 146– an amazing organization that rescues children from slavery and exploitation and provides them with shelter and support via The Round Home.

Well, we’re happy to say, it’s paid off! These little back to school bargains have raised OVER $450.00 for LOVE146 and still going!

If you have Verizon service, the LG Migo is perfect for kids, and keeps them safe. With 4 programmable speed dials, an emergency 911 button- AND GPS tracking (so you can always know where they are!) It comes complete with battery and charger and is ready to activate with your service.

So go ahead and check it out…

If you like the thrill of the auction, we’ll be posting some to benefit Project Tomorrow, and hopefully soon,

Can you feel it? Go ahead and shout it out!

Much Love,
Petunia GreenBeans

LG Migo for kids w/4 speed dials, Emergency button and GPS tracking. $29 for a limited time.

LG Migo for kids w/4 speed dials, Emergency button and GPS tracking. $29 for a limited time. 10% goes to benefit Love 146: "Protect, Empower, Restore" children against slavery and exploitation.


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I can’t stand it!! It’s CUTE Overload!!

Commence with the can you resist this face???

Did you just say “awww..” Come on, you can’t hep it right?

Wook at the witto smushy face!!! We knew it. You can’t resist the cute.

Neither could we. And when these little fellers showed up on the doorstep with their sad puppy dog eyes, how could we say “No”?

Whoops..not those guys…THESE Guys….

Oh my gosh, oh…my..gosh…is this the cutest little bean you’ve ever seen??

Click me to adopt one

But these cute little fellers need a good home, and they’re a stellar breed, built to protect the safety of your witto beans:

Kid friendly! From little ones, all the way to pre-teens- even teens! Emergency contact with your children when you, or more importantly – they need it. You can program 4 speed dials plus an emergency key. Even if you’re a no-phone zone, this is perfect for emergency contact without all the distractions. Back to school? No worries!!

Loyal! Always standing by with the help of the most reliable nationwide network: Verizon

Excellent Tracker! With the push of a button you can link your own Verizon phone to track the location of your little greenbeans everywhere they go!

This phone is also a blessing for our esteemed elders of the family with simple functions and large buttons.

PLUS, it’s hearing-aid compatible

At $29.00 retail price, PLUS 250 GreenBeans back – complete with battery and charger- It’s good for your wallet too!
So won’t you take one home today..?

Aw geez.......

Want a whole bunch of them? We trust you to find the perfect homes forthese precious ones.

Go on, take 10 or on the pic to see your wholesale pricing.

Click me to adopt 10 or more!

Want even more?
Click here to send us a note and we’ll work with your budget!

The VX1000 is perfect for your kid’s first phone. From little ones, all the way to pre-teens- even teens! Emergency contact with your children when you, or more importantly – they need it. You can program 4 speed dials plus feel good about having an emergency key.

AND- with the push of a button, your mobile will know where your kids go. Ready to activate on Verizon Wireless.
Get 2000 GreenBeans!

Comes complete with battery and charger!

Migo Specs

Technology: CDMA
1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA (Digital Dual-Band)

Data Transmission: 1xRTT

Dimensions: 3.23″ (H) x 1.81″ (W) x 0.87″ (D)

Weight: 2.46 oz.

Display: Monochrome STN, 96 x 32 Pixels, 2 Lines

Standard Battery: 1,000 mAh Li-Ion

Usage Time: Up to 3 Hours*
Standby Time: Up to 9 Days and 10 Hours*

HAC Rating:
Hearing Aid Compatible (M3-Rating)

Who me?

Still our Favorite Cutie Patoootie!!!

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Weekly Roundup: Death Drops, Plasma Ops, Naughty Scenes and FrankenBeans

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself…..and Vagazzle Vajazzle. “

What? Yep. Here’s a wrap-up of this week’s insanity -in case you  missed it.


Thinking about hitting BlogHer ’10 in NYC this weekend? Yeah, me too. Pondering the age-old dilemma, “To Va-jazzle, or not to Va-jazzle…” Yeah, me too. But in the wise words of  my dear friend LiveGreenMom, “Oh, my! My va-jay-jay doesn’t need to be dazzling anymore. Whoever heard of blinging out down there?..” So that settles that. Or does it?

Hmm..heart? star? Aha! Planet Earth it is.........Clever, talented mover & shaker Jacqueline Wilson of WriteRams weighs in on this important topic.


With the ridiculously silly sexy vibe slinking around GreenBeans HQ this week, it was only natural that some of us got a little TOO touchy feely…

Yes, the crazy ads continue- this little menage et trois included a bit of wholesale, retail and hardcore humor. AND SOMWHERE in  all that debauchery is an ad for the HTC Touch xv6900 (69!!??) – with music- the dirty kind….HTC touch

Is it getting hot in here?


Now for something REALLY HOT. Hotter than hot. Vaporizing.

It’s no secret that I, Petunia GreenBeans am a big fan of sharing green goodness across the web from Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr. My inner eco-geek could not resist the heat of this amazing innovation, and was kind enough to feature my piece:

Science Fiction, eh? Nah. It’s Plasma baby, and It’s Now.

Could this be the ultimate plastic pollution solution? Remember kids, Plasma can also be used as a very dangerous weapon. And popcorn popper. Anyone remember this?

See the complete article here…


What’s sexier than an Eco Hero? An Eco Hero in leather..and studs. Oh yeah.

It’s true. He may look like a bad-ass rock star/tough-as-nails biker dude- but this entomologist is really a big softy- especially when it comes to animals.

And the Eco Hero Award goes to… an exterminator?


Now the problem with looking at steamy scenes, especially on your wireless device- is that in the heat of the moment, you can lose your grip. Lucky we’re here to save the day….

From the life of cell phones, another deep, dark secret REVEALED!

Will my brain pop like popcorn? Are they cloning my phone? Is my battery going to explode? Was my PDA “Frankenstein-ed”? Maybe. All these mysteries revealed (VIOLA!)

In this episode we will explore the solutions, debunk the myths and get down to the soggy bottom of what to do if your wireless device takes a death drop into the doodoo can.  Read the complete article at Squidoo


Too late? Sorry, we tried to get here as soon as possible. Luckily we can fix it. We have the technology- and the parts- thanks to Doctor FrankenBeans. Whether you tinker, or you are a full blown cellular repair center, Doctor FrankenBeans has the goods for you. Walk THIS way….

It’s Alive!!!! Dr FrankenBean’s Wholesale Body Parts: Half Off!

It's Alive!!!!

Wait a minute..what?


Shrouded in anti-static armor, clipping and stripping… leaving a trail of dismembered bodies in your wake?

Oh yeah, you’re our kind of mad-scientist.

And we’ve got the goods for you!

So…was it good for YOU? 😉

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When I think about you..I touch my….

Need a little mood music? Click here…

Its true. We can’t help ourselves. Ever since these came through the door…

htc xv6900 for verizon

Click here to buy small quantities

Dual Band for Verzion
Brand new, OEM Complete…
Manufacturer’s Warranty…
Activiation Ready…yessss….

HTC XV6900, battery, battery cover, charger, data cable, audio jack/charger splitter, carrying pouch, software CD, user manual

400pcs available for your buying pleasure…
Super Sexy Quantity Discounts
Contact Wholesale Sales to send an offer

Just interested in a little one on one? Go ahead…we won’t judge…

htc touch xv6900 for verizon no activation

click here to buy Just One

HTC Touch XV6900 Dual Band for Verizon

No Activation Required…just turn it on and get started…


Get 200 GreenBeans

HTC XV6900 Dual-Band Verizon Phone:
Let your fingers guide you with the XV6900 from Verizon, a mobile touch phone that’s ahead of its time. Featuring the easy-to-use touch screen and smart 3-D interface, the XV6900 makes for effortless navigation. With XV6900’s pure white shell, compact design and customizable home screen, you have a wealth of features to suit your style. Optimized for entertainment, the XV6900 lets you enjoy games, music, video and more. Don’t wait for the future, reach out and touch it!

This brand new XV6900 is ready to use on the Verizon network. Buy it Now and have it shipped for free!

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • TouchFLO Navigation
  • Internet Explorer browser
  • Windows Media Player Mobile
  • Send text, picture, and video messages
  • Large 2.8” touch screen interface
  • 2MP camera
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with A2DP
  • MicroSD card slot for expandable memory
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calls



HTC XV6900 handset, battery, battery cover, charger, data cable, audio jack/charger splitter, carrying pouch, software CD, user manual

It is simple as 1-2-3 to get GreenBeans! Recycle your old phone with us and get even MORE GreenBeans!

1. Purchase item (winning bid or add to cart)

2. Sign-up/sign-in at checkout

3. Pay for item

Presto! You’ve got GreenBeans coming your way!

sexy body builder

What? The ladies need a little eye-candy too!

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It’s Alive!!!! Dr FrankenBean’s Wholesale Body Parts: Half Off!

It's Alive!!!!

Wait a minute..what?


Do you lurk in the caverns of clean rooms?

Shrouded in anti-static armor, clipping and stripping… leaving a trail of dismembered bodies in your wake?

Oh yeah, you’re our kind of mad-scientist.

And we’ve got the goods for you!

Click here to see the list of body parts: It’s Alive!!!!

And remember folks, please build responsibly..lest you create…A MONSTER!!!!

Ahhhhh! Run for your lives!!!!

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The Sea Shepherd: Heroes of “Whale Wars” focus on Gulf Oil Disaster Rescue Efforts

Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepherd

You may know the captain and crew of the Sea Shepherd from Animal Planet’s breakthrough documentary “Whale Wars”. Battling wits in the water to end Japanese whaling, their heroic efforts yielding magnificent results.

But did you know that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supports multiple campaigns across the world, and even in the U.S.? Yes, fearless captain (and early co-founder of Greenpeace) Paul Watson set his course for Deepwater Horizon- Ground Zero. Members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society aligned their focus on exposing the seriousness of this disaster- and most importantly- bolstering the critical wildlife rescue operations in the Gulf.

Working with Dr. Bonny Schumaker on Operation Gulf Rescue, the “Sea Shepherd is assembling a very special team including personnel trained in wildlife hazmat operations, wildlife veterinarians, marine wildlife rescuers, ocean divers, boat handlers, commercial pilots, and scientists in anticipation of our campaign Operation Gulf Rescue. Our intent is to go to the Gulf as soon as possible with a vessel and trained crew, to augment and support ongoing efforts to find, transport, and treat animals viable for rescue, and to help mitigate harmful effects of the oil on the ocean ecosystem.  Sea Shepherd is in the process of coordinating with authorized agencies in the Gulf to gain the necessary permits to mount this operation.” ~Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Dr. Bonny Schumaker, Operation Gulf Rescue

How can we help? Start here. Learn about Operation Gulf Rescue, and make a donation, volunteer- or just spread the word!! Share this post, share the Operation Gulf Rescue page- let folks know how they can help!!

See more images of wildlife affected by the gulf oil spill at


This article is the second in this week’s series dedicated to highlighting the plight of wildlife affected by the Gulf Oil Spill and supporting relief and rescue operations.

You can read the first part of this series here:

And the Eco Hero Award goes to…an Exterminator?

It’s true. He may look like a bad-ass rock star/tough-as-nails biker dude- but this entomologist is really a big softy- especially when it comes to animals.

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And the Eco Hero Award goes to…an Exterminator?

No just any exterminator. Vexcon’s Billy the Exterminator, of course.

It’s true. He may look like a bad-ass rock star/tough-as-nails biker dude- but this entomologist is really a big softy- especially when it comes to animals.

Though Billy and his brother Ricky have been known stop Mahogany Wasps and Roaches dead in their tracks, they always use environmentally friendly ammo. Not to mention Billy’s brilliant creature-friendly approach to bat infestations.

Whether they’re taking on the delicate, painstaking task of transporting ENTIRE beehives from your home to the safety of the farm- OR- handling the the care, capture and release of a stinky skunk- both Billy and his brother Ricky go out of their way to ensure earth’s creatures have safe passage to a better life in the wild.

Recently, Billy the Exterminator and his brother Ricky took a trip down to the gulf- to the heart of the impact zone. Though they were victorious in the safe capture and release of a pair of red foxes (no small feat!!), the brothers couldn’t hide their emotions when confronted with the devastation  caused by the BP Oil Gusher. Billy sent the whole production to a screeching halt to rescue an oil- slicked raccoon, despite regulations against such action.

After the organization that a promised to meet him at the dock  was a no-show, Billy burned up the phone lines until he found the IBRRC (International Bird Rescue Research Center). Yes, bird rescue. But they stepped up to clean and care for Mr. Raccoon.

Courtesy of A&E TV

See the full episode here: Billy the Exterminator – A&E TV – Billy Goes to the Gulf

This one event truly highlights the critical situation in the gulf. Wildlife is suffering- slowly being poisoned to death. But we, as individuals are prohibited from rescuing them- and for the most part- rightly so- We ARE talking about WILD animals here.

So what can we do? We can support wildlife rescue organizations like the IBRRC with our voices and our pocketbooks. Even better? We can volunteer to head over to the gulf and lend a hand! We’ll be highlighting these organizations all this week here at GreenBeans, and we hope that you’ll take a sec to check them out- and help them out too.

So Billy the Exterminator, we salute you! Champion of Mother Nature and her creatures- you are a true hero: a leather-clad, spike-studded, Eco Warrior to the max!!

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Weekly Roundup: Old School, Berries, Robots, and Ransom notes. Oh My!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” ~ Doc

This week was a trip from the back-in-the-day all the way to the future. But what do you expect when you combine The Beastie Boys with berry-picking and Blackberry’s with tattoos? Steam that up at 105 degrees, and this is the insanity you get:

Here’s the wild weekly wrap-up, in case you missed it.

Way back in the day, before e-mail was the mode of communication- we used to send out faxes with our wholesale wireless deals. Not just any faxes mind you- but crazy, silly, WTF kind of faxes that made folks look, laugh, and say “Wha….”.  So when Giant Bag Phones came through the warehouse door- we thought it might be time to bring back the crazy- from the old school to the new school:

Bag Phones are Back Baby. Say Wha?Bag Phones are Back Baby. Say Wha?

Think you know what it's worth? Think again.

Put in your teeth and comb your hair-
You’ve only got 3 hours. Get it while it’s hot!

Prices valid from 12pm-3pm ET July 30, 2010 ONLY. So hurry it up will ya? The clock is ticking. And some of us have a parade to go to. See You there?


It all started with the Beastie Boys, and a Motorola M800 Bag phone.  Then the “back-in-the-day” pics popped up. The Guaranteed Embarrassment kind.

Yes. That's me all the way on the right. Say what you will, banana clips are hot!!

But Guy Kawasaki sealed the deal when he took us on a trip in the Alltop Time Machine to -1980’s style. Welcome to time warp week at GreenBeans. F’real.

12 New Technologies in the 1980s


These days, we don’t mess around when it comes to communication.

Use LESS juice! Cell phones & iPhones use less juice than computers, can surf with the best of them, and now you can connect in even cooler ways. Mashable will show you how> Now You Can Bump iPhones to Connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 for the iPhone.


Help! Help! I’ve been nabbed by Live Green Mom! Here’s what REALLY happened in the interrogation room at @LongpointEscape


Phew. Made it out alive. Just in time to….

Fast forward to the future of recycling with the @Greenopolis Recycling Rewards Robot!

Poor Rosie. Go on, give her a little lovin’. Even Robots Need Love too!

In our next Adventures with Petunia GreenBeans: we’ll uncover the hidden truth about Rudy, Rosie’s long lost brother…if we can dig him out from behind the pile of recyclables…


Flux capacitor- disengaged. Phew. How fun was that?

Let’s take a sec and explore some serious stuff from this week in review. Funny? Not at all. Important? Extremely.

The National Safety Council Estimates that
At Least 1.6 Million Crashes are Caused Each Year by Drivers Using Cell
Phones and Texting. Until that number is 0, we will CONTINUE to post this chilling video. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT & DRIVE.


Thanks to @OfficialLove146 for the Good news from the bad world of human trafficking. “Connecticut joins New York, Washington, and Illinois as the only states so far to change their laws to protect exploited children from prosecution.”

End child sex slavery and exploitation. Nothing less.


So thanks for sharing this week’s adventures! Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you say WTF? Still not impressed?

Well, we are all recovering from heat stroke here at GreenBeans- after a steamy weekend at the East End GreenFest. Here’s a montage of us melting:

What are you plans for the weekend? Want to come to a parade? 😉

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